One Sweet Crystal

Art Project #2
Art Project #2
For my project, I drew a Crystal, or what was supposed to be a crystal... At the time that I had drawn this, I didn't realize that Crystals are straighter than I made mine, but I think that's a plus. My project's medium was a standard pencil and a few sketching pencils. My inspiration for drawing this was a time where I reflected on me as a person, and realized that a Crystal was something that could have represented me. Out of my newfound love for Crystals, I decided to draw one.

With that, here is my reflection:
  1. Describe your project
    My project was a visualization of my thought of what a crystal looked like, which was initially supposed to be representation of my heart and personality that eventually became a procrastinated piece of uncertainty and struggle that reflected life at the time.

  2. What knowledge did you already have about the project before you started?
    In terms of my medium, I’d known nothing and done nothing about painting. The most I could say was finger painting, but that’s it. In terms of what my project was, which was a Crystal, I have to say that I had known almost nothing about them and how they actually were. I have to credit Lamont (partially)  to the completion of my project for explaining the ins and outs of crystals (get it?) so that I could shade it well when I drew it.

  3. What new skill did you want to learn coming into the project?
    I wanted to learn about tints and shades and about different the different types of brushes used in painting.

  4. Did you accomplish this goal?
    I got a 50 out of 100. I never painted to learn about tints and shades but my research beforehand did help me learn about the types of brushes used in painting.

  5. How do you know you accomplished the goal? If you didn’t accomplish the goal, why do you think that is?
    I know I accomplished the goal because I know what types of brushes Nigeria used while painting. I didn’t accomplish the goal of tints and shades because I never painted to experience them and how to really use them and know when to use them.

  6. What other skill(s) did you learn along the way?
    I learned about how Crystals are made, shaped, grow, reflect light off of them, and are shaded.

  7. What are you most proud of in this project?
    I’m most proud of the shape of my crystal. Although it contrasts from how crystals are actually shaped, it still impresses me and I think it looks pretty cool, regardless of critics views.

  8. What would you do differently if you had to do the project over again?

I would choose something entirely different, whereas crystals were just too much. I actually did look up crystals at home besides the proposal, the research and in class, and frankly, they suck to draw, so much. I really wish I’d just chose something else to draw ‘cause that was hell trying to understand.

Comments (8)

Lucia Idriss (Student 2017)
Lucia Idriss

I like how you use different tones of the pencil highlight what you really wanted to point out and what kind of crystal is that? I think you should straighten out your lines to make it more sharp and neat and when I see this I think of rock candy like the one you get down the shore lol

Moesha Grant (Student 2017)
Moesha Grant

I like how your piece was so abstract and simple. I notice the way you outlined a crystal was very realistic instead of drawing a cartoon shape of a crystal.

Khabreah Rodgers (Student 2017)
Khabreah Rodgers

David, for your piece, I can't really see it. One piece of advice that I would advise is to maybe use some color, take a better picture, or to shade more. However, good reflection.